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ISO 10002, which is one of the standards determined by the international standard organization ISO, is the Customer Satisfaction Quality Management System. Complaints made or to be made by customers provide an important return for businesses. For this reason, the ISO 10002 standard provides an important efficiency. Provides a management system for businesses professionally on customer satisfaction. The ISO 10002 standard offers more professional focused work on customer-oriented work such as customer requests, complaints. ISO 10002 guides businesses to plan, design, develop and process the complaint handling process in all kinds of business activities, including electronic commerce. The handling process of complaints described in the ISO 10002 document can increase customer satisfaction. In addition, this document can help encourage customers, including complaints, in the event of customer dissatisfaction, maintain or improve customer approval, and increase international and local competitiveness. In order to increase the quality of the products and services sold, studies are carried out in this direction, taking into account the complaints, thus contributing and influencing the competitive power.

Application of ISO 10002 Certificate

If the process described in the ISO 10002 document is implemented:

Providing access to a complaint handling process that provides a clear and unambiguous response to those making the complaint, Providing the ability to complain about the complaints of the company in a consistent, systematic and sensitive manner and within the scope of the satisfaction of the organization, helping the organization to develop a customer-oriented approach to resolve complaints and to improve the skills of business personnel to work with customers,

Continuous examination of the process of handling complaints, their solution and the process improvements made and providing the basis for analysis, it provides benefits for the processing and resolution of the complaint. In addition, organizations can use the processes of handling complaints in connection with the dispute resolution processes, which are customer satisfaction codes of conduct. The focus of this document is on the satisfaction of individuals and institutions that receive a product or service a public or private business. Complaints are defined as a common indicator of low customer satisfaction. Businesses can continuously train their employees to increase customer satisfaction and to resolve and process complaints faster. In this way, companies have an idea about the issues required for customer satisfaction.

ISO Quality Managemenet System

ISO 10002 certificate complies with ISO 9001 and ISO 9004 documents within the scope of ISO Quality Management and makes the processes of receiving complaints more efficient and more effective. ISO 9001 certificate is a document stating the requirements for a quality management system. This document can also be used as an item to receive complaints and depend on the quality management system. ISO 9004 certificate is a document that can guide an organization to achieve a sustainable success. This document can facilitate the factors of achieving sustainable success. In addition, receiving complaints can improve performance also. In this way, it can also help increase the satisfaction between the customer and the business. Within the scope of ISO 10002 certificate, customer satisfaction is defined as the perception of the customer's expectations of a product or service being met.


How to Obtain ISO 10002 Certificate?

ISO 10002 belgesini alabilmek için ilk olarak belgenin gerektirmiş olduğu müşteri memnuniyeti standartları ve belgenin gereksinmeleri arasında yer alan şartlar yerine getirilmelidir. In order to receive the certificate, enterprises first apply to the approved certification bodies to receive the certificate. Before this certification body starts the auditing work in the enterprise, a customer satisfaction system must be established and applied for a certain period of time. The accreditation status of the organization that will apply the certification process is also important. It is important which accreditation body this organization is authorized and attention needs to be paid. Before working with the certification body and signing a contract, it should be investigated whether the organization is accredited. After the contract is signed, conformity assessment studies are started to be carried out by the certification body. Audit studies are also carried out along with conformity assessment studies.After these audits and compliance studies, if there is no problem the company receives the ISO 10002 certificate.

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