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In today's world where the importance of information is increasing day by day, the concept of information security has become more critical especially for the organizations. For this reason, many organizations try to ensure the security of the information they share within the business and with their stakeholders by receiving ISO 27001 Certification service. ISO 27001, which is a globally accepted standard, has also been harmonized by TSE (Turkish Standards Institute). Information Security Management System can be applied today for all public and private sector organizations.

ISO 27001 Certification Service

ISO 27001 is a guide that will ensure the protection, management and security audits of all information in an organization. Thanks to ISO 27001 certification, it is ensured that information security becomes more sustainable and that this security methodology works as a system. ISO 27001 can be applied to any business regardless of its field of activity, sector and size. Businesses that fulfill the requirements of this standard protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility qualities defined for an information. With the ISO 27001 certification service, it systematizes all its work and has it approved by independent third-party accredited certification bodies. Although ISO 27001 is a standard focused solely on information security, it covers all the processes, units of an institution; It affects the goals and policies of the institution. For this reason, the ISO 27001 certification process includes not only individuals or certain units, but also every department and everyone working, starting the top management of the organization.

Importance of ISO 27001 Certification

Businesses that meet the necessary conditions for the provision of information security and apply for ISO 27001 certification service provide many direct and indirect advantages. Some of these are like this;

-ISO 27001 certification ensures the implementation of a globally recognized and valid standard in an enterprise. The standard includes the most up-to-date and effective information security techniques.

-While ensuring the security of information, procedures are followed in accordance with the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

-The awareness and motivation of all personnel working in the enterprise about information security is increasing.

-Corporate prestige is preserved and brand value increases.

-Compliance with legal regulations regarding information security is also ensured with ISO 27001 certification.

-Business order and continuity are provided in the business. Transfer of information one place to another; Correct methods are used to share with customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

-ISO 27001 certification reveals the risks of an organization regarding information security and offers what needs to be done to manage these risks.

- Competitive advantage against other companies in the sector.


ISO 27001 Certification Process

We can summarize the steps to be taken for organizations that want to receive ISO 27001 certification service and have ISO 27001 certification at the end of the process as follows:

-The institution that wants to have a certificate should first contact an accredited certification body.

-The certification body provides a price quote for it.

-After the application and necessary payment procedures are completed, the document control step is started in the ISO 27001 certification process. Some documents are requested the enterprise at this step.

Some documents are required to be prepared if they are not already in the business. Below are some examples for this:

·        Information security backup instruction

·        Computer and e-mail usage instructions

·        Internet and mobile device usage instructions

·        Emergency action plan

·        Risk analysis and risk management workflow

·        Job descriptions

·        Information security training reports

-During the ISO 27001 certification process, some businesses are also pre-audited. The purpose of this is to better identify the issues that need improvement and to speed up the ISO 27001 certification process of the enterprise

-In the next step, audits are held to examine information security issues on site. These audits are one of the most important steps of the ISO 27001 certification process. Businesses that are successful in audits generally qualify for certification to a large extent.

-After the audit reports are reviewed by the certification body management, the certification process is completed and the company is given ISO 27001 Certificate.

Periodic audits continue after the certification is completed. In these audits, the compliance of the company with the rules specified in ISO 27001 and the correct operation of the Information Security Management System are followed. In case of any incompatibility, the document can be suspended or canceled completely.


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