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ISO, the International Standard Organization, is the world's most important and independent standards of organization. All kinds of businesses various sectors manage their systems within the framework of the standards determined by ISO. One of the most important system and standards determined by  ISO is ISO 45001. The ISO 45001 standard sets new standards that fulfill the OHSAS 18001 standard. The conditions required  for safe and human health, health-friendly and suitable workplaces are specified in the ISO 45001.

ISO 45001 Scope

A firm is responsible for occupational health and safety situations that will affect workers and business activities. Within the scope of these responsibilities, it is aimed to protect and improve physical and mental health within the scope of ISO standards. The purpose of the occupational health and safety system is to manage occupational health and safety risks and opportunities in the best way. Occupational health and safety management system to prevent work-related injuries and deterioration of worker health within the scope of the purpose and intended result and to create a healthy workplace by providing safety systems. These risk prevention and occupational health measures are implemented by organizations through the Occupational Health and Safety system, and when standards are implemented, there will be improvements in occupational health performance. When an occupational health and safety system is implemented in accordance with ISO 45001 certificate, the performance of occupational health systems will be improved and act more effectively. Occupational Health and Safety system has an important role for organizations to fulfill their legal requirements.

Objectives of occupational health and safety system

If occupational health and safety  systems are not applied, the risk of  accidents is very high in unhealthy and unsafe work areas. Within the scope of occupational health and saftey, there are some basic requirements that should be applied in order to prevent the workers, geese and diseases that  pose a risk. These requirements are;

-Ensuring the control of working environments

-To carry risk assessment studies within the framework occupational health and safety ofworking environments

-Checking the requirements of machinery and equipment used during work activities in terms of occupational health and safety systems

-to prepare plans and implementation works of emergencies

-To control fire risk prevention activities,

-To follow the legal regulations enacted and in effect on occupational health and safety,

-To make risk analysis of businesses and to take necessary measures to prevent possible risks in this context,

Listed as in order. There are regulatory measures determined by ISO 45001 in order to eliminate the causes of a non-compliance or an event that has occurred. These nonconformities may occur as a result of not fulfilling the requirements. For this reason, attention should be paid to occupational health and safety requirements.

ISO 45001 Certificate

The ISO 45001 certificate issued for occupational health and safety, which is applied within the scope of ISO standards, provides studies to minimize the risks to be experienced during work. Within the scope of the standard, it is the standard that businesses that work in every sector, regardless of whether the enterprise is large or small, will apply within the scope of occupational health and safety. In this sense, organizations that implement occupational health and safety systems within the scope of ISO 45001 in their businesses should apply to a certification establishment and request ISO 45001 certification. Thanks to this certification process, it will show that the enterprises fulfill the relevant legal obligations within the scope of effect and perform their activities within the scope of the standards. With the establishment of the occupational health and safety systems specified in the standard and obtaining the ISO 45001 certificate, businesses can also obtain the certificates of the systems in the form of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for a healthier and more efficient working environment. In order to obtain the ISO 45001 certificate, it issues the certificate to the enterprises that meet the occupational health and safety conditions after the two-stage audit studies of the certification bodies. In the first stage of the works for certification, the documentation studies prepared during the implementation of the system are included. After these documentation studies are completed, the institution that is the auditor conducts the audits during the work in the working and office environments of the enterprise. An audit report is prepared at the end of these studies. The certification body takes these audit reports into account when making a decision for a business.

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