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The ISO 22000 standard is an international standard developed for the food safety management system. The standard focuses on food safety, which aims to identify and prevent physical, chemical or biological hazards that consumers will be exposed to and prevent them being transported to the final product. Organizations in food chains avoid these dangers  with ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Certification. Today, food products  are products that are internationally supplied outside of national borders. Thanks to ISO 22000, an international standard is provided. It is among the most basic elements of a healthy diet in terms of production and supply of standard healthy and safe food.

What is ISO 22000 Certification Content?

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System includes four main topics. These are;

- Interactive Communication,

- System Management

-Pre-Requirement Programs,

- HACCP Principles

One of the most important features of the ISO 22000 standard is that it can operate in integration with other management system standards. ISO 22000 certificate secures the product by determining and controlling the biological, chemical or physical hazards in all process stages that may occur in the product, thanks to the HACCP study. The internationally recognized ISO 22000 standard can be applied to all organizations in the food sector, regardless of size and capacity. It aims to establish a consistent and fully integrated management system in the light of the laws for the purpose of the standard organizations.

What are ISO 22000 Applicable Sectors?

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management certification covers many organizations in the food industry.

If we look at these organizations and sectors in items;

 -Food producer organizations,

- Primary producers who produce agricultural products,

- Food packaging manufacturers,

 -Animal feed producers,

 -Pet food manufacturers,

 -Additive manufacturers,

 -Food storage and shipping companies,

 -Food industry service providers,

 -Restaurant, hotel etc. producing ready meals.

 -Food production machinery and equipment manufacturers,

 -Organizations that trade and sell food products

What are ISO 22000 Applicable Sectors?

The ISO 22000 certification standard is based on certain articles in itself. If we take a brief look at these items:

-The scope applies to all organizations, small or large, that are directly or indirectly involved in food chains.

-Terms and Definitions, is the part where the explanation of the terms and definitions used in the standard.

-Context of the Organization, understanding of the relevant parties, in this context the department intended to determine the scope of the food safety management system.

-Leadership is the article in which the food safety policy is determined with the top management and the organizational responsibilities are determined.

-It aims to determine parameters such as planning, risk and opportunity, and to plan the targets of the food safety management system.

-It aims to control the procedures related to developments such as support, participation, awareness of resources and personnel, process control.

-It includes many parameters such as operation, planning and control, prerequisite programs, traceability, risk analysis and plan measurement, monitoring and corrective actions.

-Performance evaluation, measurement, analysis and evaluations are followed and internal audit procedures are established.

-It is the article aiming at improvement, non-conformities and corrective actions, continuous improvement and updates to the food safety management system.

What are the Benefits of ISO 22000?

If we look at the benefits of ISO 22000 certification for organizations in the food sector;

-Provides the integration of risk analysis procedures and preventive programs in terms of food safety,

-Reveals low risk product responsibility by maximizing product safety,

-Provides international trust between customers, suppliers and control authorities,

-Complies with other food standards requirements,

- It allows to establish a system integrated with other management systems.

Food safety is related to the presence and level of foodborne hazards at the point of consumption of products. The ISO 22000 standard eliminates the weak links in the food chains, minimizing food-borne hazards and ensuring the integrity of the safety in the organization. For the Food Safety Management system, ISO 22000 aims at food safety and security. With the ISO 22000 certification of Food Safety and organizations in the food industry, it is possible to have a positive effect on the image and reputation of the company.

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