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Before giving information about ISO 9001 Certification, which is an extremely important type of certification, it is useful to take a look at the concept of ISO in general. ISO is actually the abbreviation of the words "International Organization for Standardization".It is possible to translate this into our language as the International Standardization Organization. Being accepted worldwide and being an extremely serious formation has made itself accepted as a reference. Thanks to İSO 9001 certification, it is aimed to ensure continuity in product and service quality. As a matter of fact, studies done so far to show how successful works have been done in this direction. ISO 9001 Certification is a highly effective and comprehensive standard. Any business or organization is entitled to receive ISO 9001 Certificate if it meets the procedures provided by the standard in question. Thanks to this document, it is reinforced that the product or service in question complies with universal standards. Standard developed by ISO, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. ISO 9001 Certification is given depending on the rules of the member countries on accreditation. In our country, the officially authorized entity in this regard is TÜRKAK.

General Information About ISO 9001

Today, the great changes and developments in the commercial, social and economic fields have radically changed the production methods and service concept. Quality has started to be questioned in the increasing competitive environment. In this sense, the target audience has become more questioning about quality standards. Businesses that cannot adapt to these new conditions and changes cannot survive. ISO 9001 Certification aims at continuous renewal and improvement. It plays a very important role for businesses to know how to raise their standards. Quality management systems control every area the establishment stage to the marketing and distribution stages. It produces industry-specific solutions and feels the need to constantly renew its procedures depending on the dynamics.

ISO 9001 Certification is essentially evaluated within the ISO 9000 Quality Standards series. These standards continue to attract great attention since 1987. In a short time, it gained a universal character and its importance increased. ISO 9001 Certification conveys how a correct and successful management system should be established, how it should be documented and, most importantly, how its continuity should be ensured. In this sense, in Turkey it has succeeded in finding a great response. All standards in the mentioned series are based on customer satisfaction. It would be correct to consider it as a very comprehensive set of standards that guide businesses at a professional level. In this respect, ISO 9001 Certification enables businesses to proceed institutionally and create references. Most importantly, ISO 9001 certification is a process applicable for any small or medium sized organization and enterprise.

Applicable to Every Sector

There are also guiding standards published by ISO along with ISO 9001 Certification. Both ISO 9001 Certification and other guiding standards pass directly as the 9000 series. ISO 9001, which is a very important way to meet the expectations or needs of the customers, has a universally accepted legislation. ISO 9001 can actually be perceived as a kind of control mechanism. It is among the aims of the standard to reduce or eliminate these errors, defects. There is actually no compulsion within the scope of ISO 9001 Certification. We can only mention that it contains some general conditions. As a firm size is not a measure, sector differences are also not determinant. ISO 9001 Certification can be easily adapted to many sectors. An extremely strong management system will emerge, especially when it is properly understood and analyzed. ISO 9001 does not contain legislation specific to sectors, it addresses the general public. This feature is the most important factor in its applicability. Criteria such as sector or scale are meaningless in ISO 9001 certification processes.

Benefits Of ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Certificate, which has achieved worldwide acceptance, has extremely important benefits. It is possible to list some of them like this below.

There  will be a significant reduction in customer complaints. Institutions focus more on customer relations.

-Correct and successful design planning reduces transaction costs.

-Unnecessary costs due to poor quality are reduced.

-Problems are solved faster depending on the correct planning of activities.

-Managements control the business owners much better.

-Problems are systematically resolved.

-The quality image of the establishment is strengthened.

-Businesses create a chance to open up to new markets.

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